Best-selling, lightweight model worldwide. This is the classic choice.

The HF8015H is a compact and ultra-lightweight unit (only 6.8 kg). The small focal spot size of only 0.8 mm ensures high quality x-ray imaging. This unit has 5 memory stations for storing x-ray exposure techniques. It is compatible with all major DR digital systems. It is suitable for hospital use and home medical care.

●Carrying case

A hard carrying case is available for safe and easy transportation.

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HF8015H portable x-ray unit
Max.output power
Line voltage
AC, single phase, 230V, 50/60Hz
Focal spot
0.8mm × 0.8mm
kV range
50kV-80kV (2kV step)
mA range
15mA constant
Memory storage
5 presets
L299×W182×H157mm(without skinguard) 6.85kg
Power cord/Hand-held exposure switch and cord
The product complies with the Japanese
Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

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● MS-Ⅲ for TRB9020H/V,HF8015H,HF8020V

The MS-Ⅲ is a mobile x-ray stand that is easy to dismantle for maximum portability.

This is a lightweight and compact stand. A gas spring balance system facilitates easy and smooth vertical movement. It is easy to assemble and store. A carrying case is available for easy transportation.

In addition to hospital use, this stand is suitable for disaster medical care, home medical care, mobile clinic vehicles, doctors' cars and ambulances.

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● Carrying cases for MS-Ⅲ

A choice of soft or hard carrying cases are available. These cases provide safe, compact storage of the disassembled parts of MS-Ⅲ x-ray stand enables easy transportation. They are both mounted on casters.

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