Our portable X-ray units, complete with digital radiographic systems are the ideal solution for mobile imaging providers. They are suitable for medical treatment at home and in nursing homes and care facilities.

In 2012/13 Mikasa participated in a research project organized by GE Healthcare Japan. The project took place in Aomori Prefecture, North East Japan. Three small “Doctors’ Cars” were purchased by Aomori at the time and utilized portable medical equipment including Mikasa’s X-ray units and stands. The project was a success and the prefecture continue to supply these versatile vehicles to provide essential emergency treatment and to support the aging population on a daily basis encouraging and facilitating many “healthy living” activities.

Our compact portable x-ray systems are designed to be easily transported in small vehicles to enable maximum accessibility.

Widely used by the US military and NATO, our portable x-ray units are enormously helpful in all locations from field hospitals to large medical facilities.

  • Field hospital in Iraq.
  • Simulation of a military camp exhibited at RSNA (Radiological Society on North America) in Chicago.

Mikasa’s portable x-ray units are used extensively in disaster response and emergency situations.

  • 5 of our portable x-ray systems were used in temporary medical facilities in the disaster area after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.
  • Our products were used during the relief efforts by international disaster rescue teams after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake.
  • Our products are installed in many mobile vehicles. This is the longest bus for emergency and disaster use in the world. It is possible to diagnose and operate on the bus itself.

Our x-ray units are compatible with most digital systems and provide a completely self-contained imaging center. We can now offer diagnostic facilities at locations previously without radiographic capability.

American non-profit groups build hospitals for people in poor countries. This recently built medical center in Honduras provides treatment for 15,000 people who previously could not receive it.

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Our compact, lightweight and transportable x-ray units are favored by veterinary practitioners who specialize in the equine market. They are suitable for diagnosing problems with the legs of racehorses for example, and for use in an operating room.

  • Diagnosis of leg problems of a racehorse.
  • The unit is able to x-ray from the foot all the way to the Stifle.
  • It is convenient for use in an operation room.

Mikasa imaging units are an excellent choice for use in zoos, aquariums or remote locations. High output and lightweight units provide exceptional images either in clinic or on site.

  • Our x-ray units can even x-ray the thickest limbs.
  • At London Zoo.
  • At Enoshima Island aquarium in Japan.
  • Zoo in China

Our compact units can be easily installed and transported in buses and mobile clinics.

  • X-ray system installed inside a mobile veterinary bus.
  • X-ray units and other medical instruments transported inside a veterinarian’s mobile clinic.

Mikasa`s compact yet powerful complete imaging systems equipped with anatomical programming are the ideal solution for today’s pet animal practices.

  • The effective combination of FK-1A and an astral lamp used within the limited space inside a small animal clinic.
  • Installed with a stand, table and CR at a small animal clinic.

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